Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyles: How Celebrities Use Hair Setting Sprays
Gabru India

Red Carpet-Worthy Hairstyles: How Celebrities Use Hair Setting Sprays

Nov 09, 2023


The red carpet events are not just about dazzling gowns and stylish suits; they also showcase some of the most glamorous and enviable hairstyles. Celebrities manage to maintain their picture-perfect locks through the evening, thanks to various hairstyling secrets, and one of these secrets is the use of hair setting sprays. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of red carpet-worthy hairstyles and how celebrities rely on hair setting sprays to achieve hair that stays flawless from the first step onto the red carpet to the final flash of the camera.

The Importance of Hair Setting Sprays

Long-Lasting Hold:

One of the paramount benefits of using hair setting sprays is their exceptional ability to provide a long-lasting hold. This feature is absolutely crucial when it comes to maintaining complex and intricate hairstyles during a red carpet event. Celebrities need their hairstyles to remain intact from the moment they step onto the red carpet to the final photo op. 

Frizz Control:

Red carpet events often take place in locations with unpredictable weather conditions. Celebrities don't want to be caught off guard with frizzy or unruly hair, so they rely on hair setting sprays to provide effective frizz control. These sprays contain ingredients that lock moisture in and keep humidity out, ensuring that the hair remains sleek, polished, and resistant to unwanted frizz.

Volume and Texture:

Creating red carpet hairstyles that exude glamour, body, and movement is an art form, and this is where the magic of some hair setting sprays truly shines. These sprays are engineered to add volume and texture, which are essential for achieving the desired fullness and depth in hairstyles. Whether it's sculpted updos or voluminous waves, these sprays transform limp and lifeless hair into a masterpiece of style.

Natural Finish:

While it's essential to ensure a stronghold for the hairstyle, celebrities don't want their hair to feel weighed down or look overly stiff. The best hair setting sprays offer a stronghold without leaving behind a heavy or sticky residue. They provide a natural finish, allowing the hair to look flawless, touchable, and free-flowing. 

How Celebrities Use Hair Setting Sprays

The way celebrities use hair setting sprays is a well-honed craft that involves meticulous preparation, strategic layering, precise application, and sometimes even on-the-go touch-ups. Here's a closer look at how celebrities and their hairstylists employ these sprays to achieve stunning red carpet hairstyles:


Before the first spritz of a hair setting spray, a series of preparatory steps are essential. Celebrities work closely with professional hairstylists who begin by ensuring the hair is thoroughly cleansed, conditioned, and styled to perfection. Clean, well-moisturized hair serves as a receptive canvas for styling products, including hair setting sprays.


Layering hair setting sprays is a common practice among celebrity hairstylists. They start by applying a flexible-hold spray during the initial phases of styling. This initial layer provides a foundation and adaptability to the hairstyle, allowing it to be shaped and formed. As the styling process progresses and the desired look takes shape, a stronger-hold hair setting spray is introduced.


Hair precision is the hallmark of red carpet hairstyles, and sectioning plays a pivotal role in achieving this precision. Celebrity hairstylists meticulously divide the hair into sections, which allows for the precise application of hair setting sprays. Each section is managed with individualized care, ensuring that every strand is properly coated and secured in place.

Finishing Touches:

After the desired red carpet hairstyle is achieved, celebrity hairstylists use a fine mist of hair setting spray as the finishing touch. This final layer of spray serves as the ultimate assurance that the style will remain flawless throughout the event. It acts as a protective shield, preserving the intricate details and overall perfection of the hairstyle.


Some celebrities take their dedication to their red carpet hairstyle even further by carrying a small bottle of hair setting spray with them during the event. This portable spray serves as a quick and convenient solution for any necessary touch-ups. Whether it's to combat the effects of movement, a gust of wind, or any other environmental factors, a swift spritz can refresh and revive the hairstyle, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance throughout the entire red carpet affair.

Choosing the Right Hair Setting Spray

Selecting the ideal hair setting spray is a critical step in achieving red carpet-worthy hairstyles. Celebrities and their hairstylists carefully consider various factors to ensure the spray aligns perfectly with their desired look and the specific conditions of the event. Here's an in-depth exploration of the criteria they use when choosing the right hair setting spray:

Hold Strength:

Different hairstyles demand varying levels of hold strength. Celebrities recognize this and, in collaboration with their hairstylists, meticulously choose the appropriate hair setting spray.

For styles that require a flexible and adaptable hold, a spray with a lighter hold strength may be preferred. This allows for easier manipulation and restyling during the event if needed.

Texture and Finish:

The texture and finish of the hair setting spray play a pivotal role in achieving the desired aesthetic. Celebrities have diverse preferences in this regard and select sprays accordingly.

Some celebrities favor a matte finish for their hairstyles, as it imparts a natural, elegant appearance. This finish is especially popular for sleek, modern, and sophisticated looks.

Climate Considerations:

The location of the red carpet event and the expected weather conditions significantly influence the choice of hair setting spray. Celebrities don't want to be caught off guard by humidity, wind, or other environmental factors.

If the event takes place in a region known for high humidity levels, celebrities and their hairstylists often opt for a hair setting spray designed to offer extra protection against moisture-induced frizz.

In windy environments, they choose sprays that create a stronghold against the blustery conditions. This ensures that the hairstyle remains intact, even if there's a sudden gust of wind.

Hair Type:

The type of hair being styled is another vital consideration. Different hair types react differently to styling products, which leads to a tailored selection of hair setting sprays.

For fine or thin hair, a lightweight spray is often the preferred choice. It offers the necessary hold without weighing down the hair, ensuring that it maintains its natural bounce and volume.

Thicker or coarser hair benefits from sprays with stronger hold characteristics. These sprays secure the hair in place, preventing it from unruly behavior even under the most challenging red carpet conditions.


Achieving red carpet-worthy hairstyles that stay flawless throughout the event is no small feat, and hair setting sprays play a pivotal role in this process. Celebrities and their professional hairstylists understand the importance of selecting the right spray, preparing the hair meticulously, and applying it with precision. With the help of hair setting sprays, celebrities can confidently walk the red carpet, knowing that their hair will remain perfect under the bright lights and the watchful eyes of the cameras. So, the next time you admire a celebrity's impeccable hairstyle on the red carpet, remember that behind that glamorous look, there's likely a hairstylist wielding the magic of a great hair setting spray.